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Psychological analysis?

Subtitled:  Stray thoughts from a psyched out psyche!!

Just a collection of thoughts that have popped into my head with doing my study for my Psychology exam that is on this coming Thursday morning

Extroversion vs Introversion – in our little study group N said she would like to meet an introvert and was surprised when I said she was sitting next to one i.e. me!  Just because I’m outwardly seeming to be outgoing and friendly doesnt necessarily mean I’m an extrovert it just means I push myself to make friends and be friendly and both having YD have special  needs and my own IBC battle have made me more assertive.  And we talked about how most people felt like I stated in my post   that I felt at high school – different etc, but I said the difference is that extroverts will seek to make more friends when they feel like that because they need validation from other people where introverts seek it from themselves.

My blog is both a way of me both processing the information for my own benefit and a tool to allow me not to have to constantly tell everyone everything.  Extroverts blog too but they do it to get the validation and input from others.  I think it would be interesting to know where bloggers think they sit on the introversion/extroversion scale.

Was on the phone last night – talking to N and AE about our study and several amusing thoughts popped into my head:-

What is it about the fact that my talking on the phone about psych disturbed OH so he couldnt do his work on his computer and he stopped.  If he had asked me to move to another room that would have negative reinforcement of him being able to work as he would have removed the aversive stimuli (me talking) and got a positive result (being able to work).  As it is he punished himself by stopping working.

Does the fact he threatened to hit me over the head (joking) constitute him punishing me?

When I was talking on the phone to N about psychological disorders and discussing schizophrenia, OH was walking around muttering “I havent got schizophrenia” – was he having auditory hallucinations (voices in his head) suggesting he had?

On facebook I posed the question “wonders is there such a thing as psyched-down – definitely not psyched-up for psychology exam on Thursday” – one of the comment answers was they think the antonym of psyched-up could be psyched-out not psyched-down so thanks RC for the contribution towards the subtitle of this blog post

As much as these stray thoughts have been in fun and amusing I actually think they will help me in the exam

And in the interests of being honest and authentic I will tell you about the “brain fart”  that I had in the sociology exam on Tuesday.

The exam is worth 50% of our final grade and so the marks for the exam are out of 50 – the last section was identifying quotes – author, subject how we understand their viewpoint sociologically… we had to pick 3 out of 11 and each was worth 5 marks – when I looked at that section I thought “oh good i know most of these quotations” – I knew 10 out of 11 of them but could not decide which ones to do so by the time I got to that section I did the first two and then for some stupid reason thought I had finished the exam and did not do the third one – I threw away 5 marks just like that.  I am hoping I still did well enough to pass the  exam but even if I didnt as long as I get the points to pass the course in total then I’ll be ok. I’ve put it down as a learning experience.   I don’t think I will ever make the same mistake in another exam.

Anyway back to errand running and study – trying to balance study with making sure I have things organised for Samoa

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  1. A youth work classmate had an issue with the quotes as well – She definitely knew three of them, knew the authors and what to write about them – but after the exam she realised she had accidentally mixed up two of the authors! Ah well, these things happen huh.

    I spent the whole day in the library today with a few from our class – it was funny realising that we were better able to understand some concepts and theories by applying them to situations we had been in ourselves, as opposed to the examples in the lecture slides or book. 🙂

    Time for me to eat, read and sleep! See you tomorrow!


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