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Studying sociology and sickness

I actually wrote a post about this yesterday (pre-exam) but for some reason my computer and the wordpress website weren’t meshing last night and when I hit publish it disappeared into the ether and was not recorded on my blog or as a draft.  It was quite frustrating as I had done it as a wind-down exercise before heading off to bed to get a good sleep before the exam and it ended up winding me up tighter.

I had my first of 4 exams this morning and although I think I have done OK – there are some gaps in my knowledge and in my ability to write it down.  While I have been studying I have realised I have got a good overview of the papers as a whole but I am struggling to retain the detailed stuff in my memory to churn it out for the exam.  There came a time in the weekend where I decided if I didn’t know it by then I wasnt going to know enough for the exams and just let it go.

I missed the last week of Uni lectures where they went over exam prep and giving us hints what to study due to the flu and I now have a throat/sinus infection on top of it. I am grateful to my classmates who took really good notes and passed them on to me.  I debated whether to go for compassionate marking on impaired performance but decided to just see how well I did any way.  As I have done fairly well in my assignments (2B+ in Sociology, 2A- in Psychology (which is the next exam upon Thursday 17th with my herceptin treatment straight after) B+ & B for ‘Culture and Diversity’ and A- & another still to be received mark for ‘The Social Work Environment’ )and that because of being in treatment and now being sick my goal for this semester was just to get a pass even if it was only a C – I am trying not to stress too much about the exams. 

MD thought it was amusing that the last ‘C & D” assignment I got back that I said I “only” achieved a ‘B’ for and that I was a bit disappointed as it was my lowest mark so far.  The realisation I have had reading my lecturers comments on that assignment is that I missed out one complete theory of analysing the case study and I have realised with going through my notes for the”C & D” exam because it was the Friday  class after having chemo on Thursdays  I don’t have the depth of understanding I have for the other classes and for certain concepts I was either not there or “away with the fairies” on those days – those concepts I have to study more over the course of this week and hope some of them sink in enough for me to pass the exam. 

It is my last exam next Tuesday 22nd and then I have 1 day to get organised for mine and OH’s Samoa trip on the 24th June.  I am really looking forward to it and I also think it will be good from taking my mind off waiting for the exam results.

 I still think it has been a major achievement just to get through this semester regardless of marks but next semester I hope to get a much better focus on my studies and I will also work on getting my general health and fitness levels back up.

Oh well,  back to the books – time to forget about Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Woolstonecraft and concentrate on Freud, Maslow, Skinner and Rogers et al.

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  1. BRO

     /  June 13, 2010

    Good luck – was good seeing you last week !!

  2. Hello!

    Last year I found your blog via my friend Kates blog (http://mrsnavywife.blogspot.com) and was reading it quite religiously. I replaced my computer just before Semester 1, and forgot half of my bookmarked links, so only found your blog again yesterday – and to my surprise, realised that we are in a couple of the same classes 🙂 (SOCWORK and HUMSERV101.) I’m doing Youth Work though. I looked out for you today in the exam but felt too shy to say anything haha. I hope everything went well for you, and I know how you feel about feeling a bit disappointed about B marks! I was getting all A’s then suddenly got a B in our Youth Work class – and it’s supposed to be my major! It’s so hard sometimes when there is little consistency between the markers! Oh well, such is life!

    Glad to see you updated today, I was wondering if you would. Ok, time to get back to Psych study – absolutely dreading the exam, I am horrible in exam situations, and to be honest, I don’t like Psych at the best of times!

    Will probably see you from afar on Thursday. Have a good couple of days. 🙂



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