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    Gertrude is the name we decided to call my cancerous breast hence the title of this blog. Although I had to keep my breast through chemo and radiation due to the nature of IBC - once it 'blew up' it no longer looked like my breast and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Calling it Gertrude was a way of seperating it from myself. This main page is where I write about the general goings on that relate to Gertrude, there is another page that are more a diary of treatments etc This blog is a public blog so although I am being very honest about my battle with Gertrude I have "changed names to protect the innocent" - because everyone can see it if you write comments on the blog pages please use the same abbreviations for other family member or friends that I do. Please feel free to ask questions if you want clarification because then other people who might have been wondering the same thing can read your question and our answers.
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    OH- Other Half (Hubby), OD- Oldest Daughter, MD- Middle Daugher, YD- Youngest Daughter, SB- soulja boi MD's fiance in the army (now ex fiance), OD's R OD's partner, BS- Breast surgeon whose initials just happen to be BS as well, BC- our GP (family doctor), Dr H- my medical oncologist, all other friends family etc will be referred to as initials etc
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Pulling the ‘big C’ card

I try not to use the “big C’ card  too often.  I even stand on the bus or train when some little munchkin is too impolite or ignorant to read the signs that say persons that are paying child fare should stand up and give their seats to adults…  but I have used it twice this week.

I got an extension for my assignment due on the 4th purely due to the fact on waiting on my CT results to find out whether Im officially in remission is doing my head in. I only asked for an extension to the end of the week (7th) as I just need a bit of time when my head is clearer.  Because its not whether the news is good or bad that really matters its the not knowing.

You have to fill out a form to make getting the extension official.  I had emailed the lecture about how I was struggling etc and he was completely supportive however I still needed to fill the form in.  There is a place where you have to fill in reason for extension and you have to have supporting evidence (med cert or other).  I had left these blank until I saw my lecturer to get him to sign it.  Half-jokingly I said  ‘Should I write I’m going slightly mad” he said just leave it blank,  and under supporting evidence he ticked other and then just wrote “talked to me” and initialed there.

I felt guilty about getting the extension but the relief is amazing now that Im not worried about two things around the 4th – I still have to work on the assignment now but the pressure of it being due on the 4th is gone.

The second time I used the Big C card was to frighten away a possible cyberstalker.  Somehow some weird person had got hold of my mobile phone number and the fact that I have the same initial and last name as a recording artist here in NZ that uses his initial and last name as his stage name.

the exchange went like this(translated from total text speak to understandable):

Them: Heya

Me: hi who’s this (thinking it might be some uni friend or someone who I dont have in my phone but that I’ve given my number to)

Them: Um I’m a friend of 1 of ur friends?

Me(thinking ok this is a bit wierd but its ok if its a valid friend thing) : Who’s ur friend then? how did you get my number?

Them: Joanne

I didnt answer (I dont think I know a Joanne at least not spelled that way)

Them: R u ..(initial) (surname) da artist?

Me: (having a good old chuckle to myself) No I’m a 47yr old mother/ uni student (thinking this would stop the correspondence)

Them: Aww Im sorry she lied to me – Im sorry I bothered u- my name is william im 33 and she gave me ur number – her name is joanne (surname).   R u married?

 I didnt answer

them: R u at auckland uni?

few minutes later

them: so would u like to be friends?

me wondering how to stop them texting me without being too mean – still not replying

them: hello are u there?

me: yes Im married – doing social work at U of A. not sure where your friend Joanne got my number from I dont know her.  not really interested in being friends – busy with the friends Ive already got, my family, uni and having cancer(thought this might scare him off also debated with my friend A who I was on the phone to at the time I got all these texts whether to tell him I only had one boob- although we were also joking that as he was saying he was 33 I could have a toyboy -um no I dont think so) Im sure ur a nice person but sorry

 them: aww thats ok I wil delete ur numbr thanks for texting me anyway u take good care of urself and god bless u and ur family

I hope that is the end of it but I really think it was me saying I had cancer that made him leave me alone.  OH thought the exchange was hilarious when I told him when he got home although both OD and MD when I told them were very much “be careful, he’s a stalker mum.”

So two very different reasons for pulling the cancer card but Im glad I did both times

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  1. Cheryl

     /  April 28, 2010

    Too very valid reasons. Toy boy eh? lol Nice reply from them at end. It doesn’t sound like he is a stalker tho with that ending.


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