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    Gertrude is the name we decided to call my cancerous breast hence the title of this blog. Although I had to keep my breast through chemo and radiation due to the nature of IBC - once it 'blew up' it no longer looked like my breast and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Calling it Gertrude was a way of seperating it from myself. This main page is where I write about the general goings on that relate to Gertrude, there is another page that are more a diary of treatments etc This blog is a public blog so although I am being very honest about my battle with Gertrude I have "changed names to protect the innocent" - because everyone can see it if you write comments on the blog pages please use the same abbreviations for other family member or friends that I do. Please feel free to ask questions if you want clarification because then other people who might have been wondering the same thing can read your question and our answers.
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    OH- Other Half (Hubby), OD- Oldest Daughter, MD- Middle Daugher, YD- Youngest Daughter, SB- soulja boi MD's fiance in the army (now ex fiance), OD's R OD's partner, BS- Breast surgeon whose initials just happen to be BS as well, BC- our GP (family doctor), Dr H- my medical oncologist, all other friends family etc will be referred to as initials etc
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Infamy – who me?

Well, I have had my 15 minutes of fame.  It was interesting last week especially on Friday when I went to my herceptin chemo and every one found out about the magazine article.  OD’s friend M got her workplace to scan and blow it up to a poster and put it on board and she presented it to me as a present, which I was very touched by.  It will go up on the wall in my “office”.  Here are scans of the article I hope you are able to read them, you should be able to open in another window.  This article of course does use our real names so our anonomity is blown a bit but I will keep using the abbreviations in the main blog.

first page

first page

second page

second page

I find at the moment I am good for about 1/2 a day before getting tired.  Although Saturday and yesterday I just felt tired all day.  Both days I slept til midday – yesterday I went back and had a nap again at 4pm,  and still slept a solid 9 hrs last night.  I think it is partly the painkilling drugs I am on and partly my body just recuperating from all  the effort it is putting in healing the radiation burns and fighting the infection.  OH of course cant understand how I can be so tired without doing anything – he thinks I need more exercise or something – yeah right!?!  The radiation burns at the moment are making quite a rapid recovery, from red and raw this time last week to parts of them being all lovely new pink skin.  The infection/ incision site is looking less inflamed and has healed about half its depth so that is promising as well.

It’s our 25th wedding anniversary today and I was quite depressed going to bed last night.  This time last year I had thought that our wedding anniversary was going to be celebrated in style with OH and I going away to the place we had spent our honeymoon.  But especially with this infection and also not knowing how I was going to be after the radiation we didn’t make any big plans.  We will probably go out later for lunch or dinner.  I can’t help feeling a little guilty that this current state of affairs is what was meant by the “in sickness and in health” part of our vows.  Neither of us thought that we would be dealing with major sickness.  I especially, at 21, didnt expect at 46 to be dealing with this .

Part of the other reason I am a bit down is the fact that in the IBC network that I belong to on the internet, five people have died in the past three weeks.  It brings home the reality of this particular cancer that for every one of  us that becomes a survivor there is an equal number or more that don’t make it.   I am still planning on being a survivor but things like this do set up a bit of a niggle at the back of my thoughts “WHAT IF?”

OH has got the next week off so we will just enjoy spending some time together although there are a few chores we need to do.  We need to buy OH a new car for work as some idiot broke into the older car he had and totally wrecked the ignition stole the whole barrel assembly and pulled the dashboard apart while he was doing it. The car isn’t worth that much and the insurance have written it off .  Although he catches the subsidised bus to work usually, with me being in and out of hospital and needing him to work shorter or longer days – he has to take the car more often.  With me not being able to drive because of the radiation to my collarbone , he has been able to use our good car but once my burns have healed I will be driving again and hence the need to sort out a new car for him.  For those of you who are wondering why he doesn’t get to drive the good car to work and leave me with the older car – its because he works at a Steel Mill and the iron dust in the air isn’t that kind to the paintwork long – term (lucky for me Heeheheehehee)

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